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Wireless Capsule Motility Testing (Smartpill)

Transmitting Patient Diagnostics

Wireless capsule motility testing involves swallowing a pill shaped device that sends information wirelessly to a receiver, worn by the patient for the time it takes the capsule to pass through the entire intestinal system. The device measures the pH (acid) level, pressure and temperature in the intestinal system and this information can be used to determine the time it takes for the device to empty from the stomach, and traverse the small and large intestine. It is done to assess if the stomach is emptying in the proper time and if intestinal transit is rapid or slow as in constipation. A specific meal must be ingested with the capsule and medications often need to be held to conduct a valid test. While not widely available, Digestive Health Associates of Texas, P. A. has almost a decade of experience using it.

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