Adult Gastroenterologists

We are proud to offer patients excellence in comprehensive GI care across all our locations in north Texas. All of our gastroenterologists are board certified, and many have completed fellowships in advanced endoscopy. This means that our doctors are equipped with extensive specialty knowledge and training beyond medical school and medical residency. We are able to offer patients treatment for a full spectrum of GI disorders, from general to advanced procedures.

Our results reflect this, and our colonoscopy performance is a good example. The quality of a colonoscopy screening is measured by the percentage of people screened who have polyps detected, which may be cancerous or non-cancerous. This is known as the ADR, or adenoma detection rate. At DHAT, our ADR is 37% -- about fifty percent higher than the 25% national benchmark. This shows that the colonoscopies performed by our skilled physicians are highly effective in helping to detect colon cancer early.


Primary care doctors should know that DHAT gastroenterologists are committed to working closely with referring physicians and communicating often to coordinate the patient’s overall care. Please call us at 800-425-3759 to learn more about referring a patient.

Explore our physician directory below, and click to learn more about each doctor and where you can see them.


Cherian Abraham, MDCherian Abraham, MD
Sindhu Abraham, MDSindhu Abraham, MD
Imad Ahmad, MDImad Ahmad, MD
Stuart Akerman, MDStuart Akerman, MD
Murali Alloju, MDMurali Alloju, MD
Lisa Alvarez, MDLisa Alvarez, MD
Robert Anderson, MDRobert Anderson, MD
Vinay Antin, DOVinay Antin, DO
Sami Arslanlar, MDSami Arslanlar, MD
Adnan Badr, MDAdnan Badr, MD
David Bass, MDDavid Bass, MD
Venessa Beckman, DOVenessa Beckman, DO
Kristie Blank, MDKristie Blank, MD
Kenneth Brown, MDKenneth Brown, MD
Angela Carollo, MDAngela Carollo, MD
Balu Chandra, MD, AGAFBalu Chandra, MD, AGAF
Ravi Chittajallu, MDRavi Chittajallu, MD
Brian Cooley, MDBrian Cooley, MD
Octavio De La Pena, MDOctavio De La Pena, MD
Son Do, MDSon Do, MD
Sangeethapriya Duraiswamy, MDSangeethapriya Duraiswamy, MD
Matthew Eidem, MDMatthew Eidem, MD
Soren Gandhi, MDSoren Gandhi, MD
Sarita Gayle, MDSarita Gayle, MD
Markus Goldschmiedt, MD
James Hakert, MDJames Hakert, MD
David Hall, MDDavid Hall, MD
Kent Hamilton, MDKent Hamilton, MD
Syed Hasan, MDSyed Hasan, MD
Eric Hill, MDEric Hill, MD
Kevin Ho, MDKevin Ho, MD
Gerald Isbell, MDGerald Isbell, MD
Candice Jantz, MDCandice Jantz, MD
Roy Joseph, MDRoy Joseph, MD
Hemangi Kale, MDHemangi Kale, MD
Vineel Kankanala, MDVineel Kankanala, MD
Prashant Kedia, MDPrashant Kedia, MD
Sripathi Kethu, M.D.Sripathi Kethu, M.D.
Bilal Khan, MDBilal Khan, MD
Janardhan Konda, MDJanardhan Konda, MD
Veena Kumaravel, MDVeena Kumaravel, MD
Vincent Kuo, MDVincent Kuo, MD
John Lee, MDJohn Lee, MD
Jeffrey Linder, MDJeffrey Linder, MD
Gordon Luk, MDGordon Luk, MD
Thomas Lyles, MDThomas Lyles, MD
Randal Macurak, MDRandal Macurak, MD
Yamini Maddala, MDYamini Maddala, MD
David Magee, MDDavid Magee, MD
Arshad Malik, MDArshad Malik, MD
Alexander Mantas, MDAlexander Mantas, MD
Amit Masand, MDAmit Masand, MD
Mark Miller, MDMark Miller, MD
Jeffery Mills, DOJeffery Mills, DO
Faiz Mirza, MDFaiz Mirza, MD
Mark Murray, MDMark Murray, MD
James Nackley, MDJames Nackley, MD
Adnan Nadir, MDAdnan Nadir, MD
Sanjay Nayyar, MDSanjay Nayyar, MD
Elizabeth Odstrcil, MDElizabeth Odstrcil, MD
Bryan Ong, MDBryan Ong, MD
Manmeet Padda, MD, FASGEManmeet Padda, MD, FASGE
Paul Paradiso, DO Paul Paradiso, DO
Viralkumar Patel, MDViralkumar Patel, MD
Priya Rangasamy, MDPriya Rangasamy, MD
Thomas Rogoff, MDThomas Rogoff, MD
Ruben Sandoval, MDRuben Sandoval, MD
Harry Sarles, MDHarry Sarles, MD
Armond Schwartz, MDArmond Schwartz, MD
John Secor, MDJohn Secor, MD
Jessica Shah, MDJessica Shah, MD
Andrew Shea, MDAndrew Shea, MD
Noel Snowberger, MDNoel Snowberger, MD
Nantha Surkunalingam, DO Nantha Surkunalingam, DO
Paul Tarnasky, MDPaul Tarnasky, MD
Prasad Vallurupalli, MDPrasad Vallurupalli, MD
Howard Weiner, MDHoward Weiner, MD
Jeffrey Weinstein, MDJeffrey Weinstein, MD
Michael Weisberg, MDMichael Weisberg, MD
Catherine Yaussy, MDCatherine Yaussy, MD
Jay Yepuri, MDJay Yepuri, MD
Walter Young, MD
Moustafa Youssef, MDMoustafa Youssef, MD
Sunbal Zafar, MDSunbal Zafar, MD
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